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IJRR :: Articles :: 2017 Volume 13

IJRR Articles: 2017 Volume 13

Article 12:
Certitudo Salutis and Perseverance of the Saints: The Missing Piece in the Weberian Puritan Ethic
Author: Ottavio Palombaro (University of Milan)

Article 11:
The Ancien Régime and Calvinism: Religious, Ideological, and Related Social Conditions of Its Genesis and Development
Author: Milan Zafirovski (University of North Texas)

Article 10:
The Effect of Religious Affiliation and Religious Markets on Islamophobia in Four European Nations
Author: Linda A. Lockett (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) and Ted G. Jelen (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Article 9:
The Prosperity Gospel and Individualistic Economic and Social Attitudes in Guatemala
Author: Lindsey A. Huang (Fresno Pacific University) and Gabe Ignatow (University of North Texas)

Article 8:
Strict but Not (Gender) Conservative: Refining the Strict Church Thesis in Light of Brazilian Pentecostalism
Author: Kevin Neuhouser (Seattle Pacific University)

Article 7:
Between Ideological Formatting and Subjective Experience: The Blurring Lines of New Religious Identities
Author: Patrick Laude (Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service in Qatar)

Article 6:
Christian Theology and Attitudes Toward Political and Religious Ideological Groups
Author: George Yancey (University of North Texas), Marie A. Eisenstein (Indiana University Northwest), and Ryan P. Burge (Eastern Illinois University)

Article 5:
Religion, Warrior Elites, and Property Rights
Author: R. Warren Anderson and Brooks B. Hull (University of Michigan-Dearborn)

Article 4:
"Today Is the Day of Salvation": Martin R. Delany’s Struggles Against Providential Determinism in Early Nineteenth Century Black Abolitionism
Author: Tunde Adeleke (Iowa State University)

Article 3:
Providentiality: A New Measure of Religious Belief
Author: Rebecca A. Glazier (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)

Article 2:
Pragmatic Kabbalists: Bnei Baruch and the Globalization of Kabbalah
Author: Massimo Introvigne (Center for Studies on New Religions)

Article 1:
The Inclusion of Geo-Cultural, Historical, and Legal Considerations in the Analysis of Anglican and Roman Ecclesiastical Division
Author: Rutherford Cd. Johnson (University of Minnesota)

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