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IJRR :: Articles :: 2015 Volume 11

IJRR Articles: 2015 Volume 11

Article 14:
The Paganization Process
Author: William Sims Bainbridge

Article 13:
Faith Memes: An Analysis of Authority as Reflected in the Social Media of Churches in New Delhi
Author: Benson Rajan (MICA)

Article 12:
Increasing Sex Ratio Imbalance Among Utah Mormons: Sources and Implications
Author: Rick Phillips (University of North Florida), Ryan T. Cragun (University of Tampa), and Barry A. Kosmin (Trinity College)

Article 11:
Gifts of Time and Money: The Impact of Church Leadership Roles
Author: Robert Stonebraker

Article 10:
Believers in Christ from a Muslim Background: A Global Census
Author: Duane Alexander Miller (St. Mary's University) and Patrick Johnstone (WEC International)

Article 9:
Should Social Marketing Interventions Against Human Trafficking in Asia Focus on Religion or Economics?
Author: Vernon Murray, Prema Nakra, and Sherry Dingman (Marist College)

Article 8:
Jesus in Interaction: The Microsociology of Charisma
Author: Randall Collins (University of Pennsylvania)

Article 7:
Negative Religious Coping and Emotional Distress Among College Students: Exploring the Influences of Religiousness, Fading Affect, and Neuroticism
Author: Sherman A. Lee, Jeffrey A. Gibbons, and Andrew Hartzler (Christopher Newport University) and Jennifer K. Hartzler (Radford University)

Article 6:
Religious Monopolies, Religious Pluralism, and Secularization: The Relationship Between Religious Pluralism and Religious Participation in Sweden
Author: Eva M. Hamberg (Lund University)

Article 5:
Spinoza’s Use of the Psalms in the Context of His Political Project
Author: Jeffrey Morrow (Seton Hall University)

Article 4:
Goals and Information Behavior in Religious Sermons
Author: Darin Freeburg (University of South Carolina) and Daniel Roland (Kent State University)

Article 3:
Connection Between Retirement Preparation and Spiritual Activities: An Example of Faculty at an Evangelical Christian University
Author: Paul Anderson, Jau-Lian Jeng, and Daniel G. Park (Azusa Pacific University)

Article 2:
Separation Anxiety: Analyzing Media Coverage of Issues of Law and Faith in Town of Greece v. Galloway
Author: Erica Salkin (Whitworth University) and Jonah Brown (Whitworth University)

Article 1:
Are Religion and Environmentalism Complements or Substitutes?: A Club-Based Approach
Author: Feler Bose (Alma College) and Timothy M. Komarek (Old Dominion University)

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