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IJRR :: Articles :: 2011 Volume 7

IJRR Articles: 2011 Volume 7

Article 11:
Religion and Volunteering in Four Sub-Saharan African Countries
Author: Meredith J. Greif (Georgia State University), Amy Adamczyk (City University of New York), and Jacob Felson (William Paterson University)

Article 10:
Catholics and the Death Penalty: Religion as a Filter for Political Beliefs
Author: Thomas K. Bias (West Virginia University), Abraham Goldberg (University of South Carolina Upstate), and Tara Hannum (West Virginia University)

Article 9:
Religion, Politics, and Polity Replication: Religious Differences in Preferences for Institutional Design
Author: Joshua D. Ambrosius (West Virginia State University)

Article 8:
Building Composite Measures of Religion and State
Author: Jonathan Fox (Bar Ilan University)

Article 7:
Near-Death Experience from Serpent Bites in Religious Settings
Author: Ralph W. Hood, Jr. (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) and W. Paul Williamson (Henderson State University)

Article 6:
The Social Gospel Legacy in U.S. Foreign Policy
Author: S. R. Thompson (University of Washington) and James K. Wellman, Jr. (University of Washington)

Article 5:
Sources of Adolescent Faith: Examining the Origins of Religious Confidence
Author: Michael K. Abel (Brigham Young University-Idaho)

Article 4:
The Effect of Religious Background on Sexual Orientation
Author: Jacob Felson (William Paterson University)

Article 3:
Divided by Age?: Generational Shifts in White Evangelical Christians' Attitudes Toward Racial Diversity
Author: Darin M. Mather (University of Minnesota)

Article 2:
Estimating the Global Muslim Population: Size and Distribution of the World's Muslim Population
Author: Brian J. Grim (Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life) and Becky Hsu (Princeton University)

Article 1:
The Impact of Church Attendance on the Decline in Female Happiness in the United States
Author: G. Alexander Ross (Institute for the Psychological Sciences)

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