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IJRR :: Articles :: 2008 Volume 4

IJRR Articles: 2008 Volume 4

Article 7:
Religion and the Logic of the Civic Sphere: Religious Tradition, Religious Practice, and the Voluntary Association
Author: Matthew T. Loveland (LeMoyne College), Keely Jones-Stater (University of Connecticut), Jerry Z. Park (Baylor University)

Article 6:
The Secret Gospel of Mark: A 20th Century Forgery
Author: Birger A. Pearson (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Article 5:
The Faith Factor and Prisoner Reentry
Author: Byron R. Johnson (Baylor University)

Article 4:
The Complexities of Comparative Research
Author: Rodney Stark (Baylor University)

Article 3:
Religious Adherence and Military Enlistment Before and After the 9/11 Attacks
Author: James DeFronzo (University of Connecticut) and Jungyun Gill (University of Connecticut)

Article 2:
The Sociology of Buddhism: Theoretical Implications of Current Scholarship
Author: Buster G. Smith (Baylor University) and Paul Froese (Baylor University)

Article 1:
Human Development and the Demography of Secularization in Global Perspective
Author: Eric Kaufmann (University of London)

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