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IJRR :: Articles :: 2010 Volume 6

IJRR Articles: 2010 Volume 6

Article 8:
Explaining Early Christian Charity: A Psychosocial Theories Approach
Author: Daniel Kim (University of Chicago)

Article 7:
Conversion to Latin American Protestantism and the Case for Religious Motivation
Author: Rodney Stark (Baylor University) and Buster G. Smith (Baylor University)

Article 6:
Explaining Atheism: Testing the Secondary Compensator Model and Proposing an Alternative
Author: Laura A. Hunter (University of Notre Dame)

Article 5:
Does Change in Teenage Religiosity Predict Change in Marijuana Use Over Time?
Author: Scott A. Desmond (Purdue University), George Kikuchi (National Research Institute of Police Science), and Kristen Budd (Purdue University)

Article 4:
Excluding Inclusivity: Protestant Framing of Homosexuality
Author: Carolyn A. Kapinus (Ball State University), Rachel Kraus (Ball State University), and Daniel R. Flowers (St. Mary's College)

Article 3:
Teenage Religiosity and Changes in Marijuana Use During Transition to Adulthood
Author: Jeffrey T. Ulmer (The Pennsylvania State University), Scott A. Desmond (Purdue University, Sung Joon Jang (Baylor University), and Byron R. Johnson (Baylor University)

Article 2:
Revelation and Revolution: Friedrich Engels and the Apocalypse
Author: Roland Boer (University of Newcastle)

Article 1:
Religion, Race, and Drug Use Among American Youth
Author: Sung Joon Jang (Baylor University) and Byron R. Johnson (Baylor University)

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