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IJRR Articles: 2006 Volume 2

Article 6:
Religious Competition and Roman Piety
Author: Rodney Stark (Baylor University)

Article 5:
Events and Value Change: The Impact of September 11, 2001, on the Worldviews of Egyptians and Moroccans
Author: Mansoor Moaddel (Eastern Michigan University) and Hamid Latif (American University in Cairo, Egypt)

Article 4:
The Market for Martyrs
Author: Laurence R. Iannaccone (George Mason University)

Article 3:
Urbanization, Religious Pluralism, Cultural Continuity, and the Expansion of Gnostic Communities
Author: Robert Wortham (North Carolina Central University)

Article 2:
Religious Motivation vs. Traditional Religiousness: Bridging the Gap Between Religion and Politics and the Psychology of Religion
Author: Marie A. Eisenstein (Indiana University Northwest)

Article 1:
International Religion Indexes: Government Regulation, Government Favoritism, and Social Regulation of Religion
Author: Brian J. Grim (Pennsylvania State University), Roger Finke (Pennsylvania State University)

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