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IJRR :: Articles :: 2005 Volume 1

IJRR Articles: 2005 Volume 1

Article 12:
Retention Strategies and Religious Success: A Regional Comparison of American Jews
Author: Michael K. Abel (University of Washington)

Article 11:
Images of God: The Effect of Personal Theologies on Moral Attitudes, Political Affiliation, and Religious Behavior
Author: Christopher Bader (Baylor University), Paul Froese (Baylor University)

Article 10:
Purity and Anger: Gentiles and Idolatry in Antioch
Author: Magnus Zetterholm (Lund University)

Article 9:
Social Mobility and Sect Transformation: Testing the Regression-to-the-Mean Hypothesis
Author: Sean F. Everton (Stanford University)

Article 8:
The Gnostic Church of Brazil: Contemporary Neo-Esotericism in Late-Modern Perspective
Author: Andrew Dawson (University of Chester)

Article 7:
Does Religion Promote Trust?: The Role of Signaling, Reputation, and Punishment
Author: Richard Sosis (Hebrew University of Jerusalem and University of Connecticut)

Article 6:
The Social and Symbolic Boundaries of Congregations: An Analysis of Website Links
Author: Christopher P. Scheitle (Pennsylvania State University)

Article 5:
Religious Competition and Revival in Italy: Exploring European Exceptionalism
Author: Massimo Introvigne (CESNUR, Torino, Italy), Rodney Stark (Baylor University)

Article 4:
Folk Temples and the Chinese Religious Economy
Author: Graeme Lang (City University of Hong Kong), Selina Ching Chan (Shueyan College), Lars Ragvald (Lund University)

Article 3:
Niches in the Islamic Religious Market and Fundamentalism: Examples from Turkey and Other Countries
Author: Massimo Introvigne (CESNUR, Torino, Italy)

Article 2:
Author: William Sims Bainbridge (Arlington, Virginia)

Article 1:
The Political Origins of Religious Liberty
Author: Anthony Gill (University of Washington)

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