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IJRR :: Articles :: 2014 Volume 10

IJRR Articles: 2014 Volume 10

Article 10:
Explaining Atheism: Testing Hunterís Durkheimian Theory
Author: Joseph Langston (University of Colorado)

Article 9:
Consumer Expenditures and the Faith Factor
Author: Vince E. Showers (Bradley University), Linda S. Showers (Illinois State University), James E. Cox, Jr. (Illinois State University), Jeri M. Beggs (Illinois State University), and Hulda G. Black (Illinois State University)

Article 8:
Religious Tradition and Involvement in Congregational Activities That Focus on the Community
Author: Jennifer M. McClure (Pennsylvania State University)

Article 7:
When Charisma Doesnít Fail: Charismatic Authority and Dissonance Management in the Case of Diamond Mountain
Author: Matthew Immergut (Purchase College, State University of New York)

Article 6:
Unpacking the Role of Mindfulness in Conscientiousness and Spirituality
Author: Maree Boyce (Queensland University of Technology) and Sukanlaya Sawang (Queensland University of Technology)

Article 5:
The Use of Servant Leadership in the United Methodist Church
Author: Jessica Dearth (Regent University) and G. R. Bud West (Regent University)

Article 4:
Is Religious Freedom Good for Business?: A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis
Author: Brian J. Grim (Georgetown University), Greg Clark (Brigham Young University), and Robert Edward Snyder (Brigham Young University)

Article 3:
Catholic Young Adults' Attitudes Toward the Church's Pro-Life Teachings: A Bellwether for the Church's Political Strategy?
Author: Tia Noelle Pratt (St. Joseph's University)

Article 2:
Christian Conversion and Cultural Incongruity in Asia
Author: Rodney Stark (Baylor University) and Xiuhua Wang (Baylor University)

Article 1:
Intelligence and Religious and Political Differences Among Members of the U.S. Academic Elite
Author: Edward Dutton (University of Oulu) and Richard Lynn (University of Ulster)

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