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IJRR :: Articles :: 2013 Volume 9

IJRR Articles: 2013 Volume 9

Article 13:
Deregulation and Demographic Change: A Key to Understanding Whether Religious Plurality Leads to Strife
Author: Brian J. Grim (Pew Research Center), Vegard Skirbekk (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis), and Jesus Crespo Cuaresma (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Article 12:
"I'm a Mormon Feminist": How Social Media Revitalized and Enlarged a Movement
Author: Jessica Finnigan (University of Cambridge) and Nancy Ross (Dixie State University)

Article 11:
Religious Motivations and Social Service Volunteers: The Interaction of Differing Religious Motivations, Satisfaction, and Repeat Volunteering
Author: Richard M. Clerkin (North Carolina State University) and James E. Swiss (North Carolina State University)

Article 10:
The Effect of University Characteristics on Student Religiousness: A Meta-Analysis of Catholic Universities
Author: D. Paul Sullins (The Catholic University of America)

Article 9:
The Assessment of Various Dimensions of Religious Faith Based on Four Meta-Analyses
Author: William Jeynes (California State University at Long Beach)

Article 8:
The Effects of State-Established Religion on Religious Freedom for Minorities
Author: Fatima Z. Rahman (Lake Forest College)

Article 7:
The Ambiguous Roles of Religion: The European Integration Project as a Multilevel Case
Author: Florian Grötsch (Bergische Universität Wuppertal) and Annette Schnabel (Bergische Universität Wuppertal)

Article 6:
Understanding British Muslim Environmentalism Using Qualitative Research Techniques and Issue Crawler Mapping Software
Author: Mohammed Ghayas Chowdhury (Lancaster University)

Article 5:
Can Sense of Coherence Be Modified by Religious/Spiritual Interventions?: A Critical Appraisal of Previous Research
Author: Florian Jeserich (University of Bayreuth)

Article 4:
The Collapse of Secular Social Capital and Religious Revival in Rural China: An Empirical Study
Author: Xiuhua Wang (Renmin University of China)

Article 3:
Religious Diversity and Religious Vitality: New Measuring Strategies and Empirical Evidence
Author: Volkhard Krech (Ruhr University), Markus Hero (Ruhr University), Stefan Huber (University of Bern), Kimmo Ketola (Church Research Institute), and Richard Traunmüller (University of Mannheim)

Article 2:
The Influence of the Quasi-Monopolistic Religious Market on Religiosity in Poland: Considerations Based on an Economic Approach
Author: Łukasz Kutyło (University of Łódź)

Article 1:
Containing the Umma?: Islam and the Territorial Question
Author: Matthew Derrick (Humboldt State University)

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