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IJRR :: Articles :: 2012 Volume 8

IJRR Articles: 2012 Volume 8

Article 10:
God, Guts, and Glory: An Investigation of Relational Support Mechanisms for War Veterans Provided by Religious Communities
Author: Terry Shoemaker (Western Kentucky University)

Article 9:
Whom Do People Dislike More: Atheists or Cultists?
Author: Ryan T. Cragun (University of Tampa), Patrick Henry (Eckerd College), Casey P. Homan (University of California, Berkeley), and Joseph Hammer (Iowa State University)

Article 8:
Religion as a Credence Good and the Case Against Galileo
Author: Kristina Terkun Castro (DePaul University)

Article 7:
Pride, Sloth/Lust/Gluttony, Envy, Greed/Wrath: Rating the Seven Deadly Sins
Author: Douglas M. Stenstrom (California State University, Los Angeles) and Mathew Curtis (University of Southern California))

Article 6:
Meaning Making Under the Sacred Canopy: The Role of Orthodox Jewish Marriage Guidebooks
Author: Nurit Novis-Deutsch (University of California) and Ari Engelberg (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Article 5:
Liar, Liar: Adolescent Religiosity and Lying to Parents
Author: Scott A. Desmond (Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis) and Rachel Kraus (Ball State University)

Article 4:
Religion and Endorsement of Same-Sex Marriage: The Role of Syncretism Between Denominational Teachings About Homosexuality and Personal Religious Beliefs
Author: Michael R. Woodford (University of Michigan), N. Eugene Walls (University of Denver), and Denise L. Levy (Appalachian State University)

Article 3:
The Confucian Ethic of Female Subordination and Depression Among Young People in Rural China
Author: Jie Zhang (Central University of Finance and Economics) and Eric Y. Liu (Renmin University of China)

Article 2:
Women Religious in a Changing Urban Landscape: The Work of Catholic Sisters in Metropolitan Cleveland
Author: Robert L. Fischer (Case Western Reserve University) and Jennifer Bartholomew (Case Western Reserve University)

Article 1:
Religion, Secularism, and Political Discourse in Tanzania: Competing Perspectives by Religious Organizations
Author: Mohammed A. Bakari (University of Dar es Salaam)

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