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IJRR :: Articles :: 2009 Volume 5

IJRR Articles: 2009 Volume 5

Article 10:
Religion and Academic Achievement Among Adolescents
Author: Benjamin McKune (The Pennsylvania State University) and John P. Hoffmann (Brigham Young University)

Article 9:
Identity, Psychology, and the Psychici: Tertullian's "Bishop of Bishops"
Author: David Wilhite (Baylor University)

Article 8:
The Influence of Christian Missionaries on Alaskan Indigenous Peoples
Author: Julie Manville (Australian National University) and Ross Maller (Australian National University)

Article 7:
Pluralism as Outcome: The Ecology of Religious Resources, Suppliers, and Consumers
Author: Christopher P. Scheitle (The Pennsylvania State University) and Roger Finke (The Pennsylvania State University)

Article 6:
The Folk Piety of William Peter Blatty: "The Exorcist" in the Context of Secularization
Author: Joseph Laycock (Boston University)

Article 5:
Gender Differences in Identity Processing Style and Islamic Religiosity in an Iranian Undergraduate University Sample
Author: S. Khodarahimi (Islamic Azad University) and D. L. Cothran (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)

Article 4:
Social Responsibility of the Young in Iran: Shiraz as a Case Study
Author: M.T. Iman (Shiraz University) and V. Jalaeian (Shiraz University)

Article 3:
Religion and Faith: A Decision Theory Perspective
Author: Tigran Melkonyan (University of Nevada, Reno) and Mark Pingle (University of Nevada, Reno)

Article 2:
Neighbors in the Pews: Social Status Diversity in Religious Congregations
Author: Philip Schwadel (University of Nebraska)

Article 1:
Christian City Councillors in the Roman Empire Before Constantine
Author: Paul McKechnie (Macquarie University)

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