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IJRR :: 2014 Volume 10 :: Article 6
2014 Volume 10, Article 6
Unpacking the Role of Mindfulness in Conscientiousness and Spirituality

Author: Maree Boyce (Queensland University of Technology) and Sukanlaya Sawang (Queensland University of Technology)

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This study examined relationships between conscientiousness and intrinsic spirituality, with the proposed trait "mindfulness" as mediator. The results from 161 functioning adults in Australia revealed that mindfulness was significantly predicted by conscientiousness. In this study, we investigated the relationship among conscientiousness, trait mindfulness, and intrinsic spirituality. We hypothesized that trait mindfulness would mediate the relationship between conscientiousness and spirituality. We found that this hypothesis was partially supported. The results suggest that conscientious individuals do significantly connect with mindfulness, and it was only the more mindful of conscientious individuals who also displayed high levels of intrinsic spirituality. Additional analyses suggest that conscientious individuals connect with mindfulness through attending to current actions or regulating impulses and have an accepting attitude toward thoughts and feelings. Possible explanations and implications of these results are discussed in relation to the theory, practice, and delivery mechanisms of mindfulness.

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