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IJRR :: 2023 Volume 19 :: Article 6
2023 Volume 19, Article 6
A Meta-Analysis: How to Best Foster the Success of African American and Latino Students with Disabilities and Those of Them in Special Education, the Place of Faith, and Other Factors

Author: William H. Jeynes, Ph.D. (California State University)

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A meta-analysis of thirty-five studies was undertaken to help families determine the best qualities or strategies for improving the academic and behavioral outcomes of African American and Latino children with disabilities, as well as those in special education. The study examined students in kindergarten through the twelfth grade with a variety of disabilities; these included students with learning-, behavioral-, emotional-, and physical-disabilities, and those in special education. The results indicate a few parental qualities and strategies appear to improve the chances for those in special education and students with disabilities doing better both academically and behaviorally. Perhaps most interesting is that four of the top five (and all of the top three) of the parental qualities that are particularly emphasized are by people of faith. They are 1) sending children to faith-based schools, 2) family factors, i.e., intact family structure or high parental involvement, 3) inclusion, and 4) character education have the greatest impact on student academic and behavioral outcomes. The results give real hope for raising the scholastic and behavioral results of black and Latino children in special education and for students with disabilities. The significance of these results is discussed.

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